Tuition & Fees

For tuition and fee related questions contact the Business Office.

Bob Jackson-Student Transactions, 503.552.2010,
Sally Barrett, Accounting Manager, 503.552.2011,

2015–2016 NCNM Tuition & Fees

All costs are based on NCNM’s standard academic year of fall/winter/spring (9-months)

Degree ProgramAverage CreditsTuitionLab Fees*Books & SuppliesTotal
Concurrent ND/Masters**75$30,150$1,000$1,000$32,150

* Lab Fees are based on average fees. Global Health Fee is field work charged in students spring or summer term as elected.

**Mental health Program Costs are based on average credit load for the first year. For 2015–2016 this is available as an add-on program only to currently enrolled students and not available as a stand alone program

*** Concurrent Degree Programs based on standard ND/MSOM estimates

Academic, Lab & Miscellaneous Fees–ND, MSOM, MAc

Download NCNM’s College Catalog for a full schedule of fees.

Other Expenses

Students are required to purchase textbooks and other personal equipment, including name tags and business cards, as well as basic diagnostic equipment, for use in courses and clinic. These costs vary from year to year. Please see the current college catalog for current information.

Tuition and Fee Payment Policy

All tuition and fees are listed in U.S. currency. NCNM maintains tuition, fee and refund policies that are fair and uniformly administered. Tuition and fees for each quarter are payable in full at the beginning of each quarter. The Business Office may apply a late payment fee of $50 to a student’s account unless the student has paid the balance due or made arrangements (i.e., a deferral promissory note) by the end of the second week of each quarter.

Students unable to pay their entire financial balance must see the Business Office to make payment arrangements before the due date. A promissory note may be written to defer payment of tuition until the last day of the quarter. There may be a $20 fee assessed for each deferral. The Business Office may deny or rescind a student’s eligibility for a promissory note if a student misses the required payment due dates, provides inaccurate or incomplete information, or has a poor credit history. Students are not permitted to register for a quarter until all money owed the college is paid in full from previous quarters.

Credit for courses will not be given until tuition and fees have been paid in full. (The Business Office may also block future registration until all debts have been paid in full.) Transcripts or diplomas will not be issued to students if they owe the college any money, regardless of the source (e.g., outstanding clinic balances). Students with past-due accounts who pay in full with a personal check will have transcripts or diplomas issued to them two weeks after payment.

Any adjustments or modifications to the schedule of tuition charges are subject to the approval of the chief financial officer.

Summer Quarter Tuition

The ND and CCM programs require summer term attendance for a minimum of one summer quarter. Curriculum layouts, including summer quarter requirements can be found on the NCNM website. The ND/MSOM and ND/MAc concurrent tracks require attendance of three summer quarters.

Change of Track

A change of track requires a signature from the program dean. All change of track requests must be completed by week eight of the quarter prior to the quarter in which the change takes effect.

When a student is accepted into a concurrent (ND/MSOM or ND/MAc) track, no change of track fee will be assessed for the initial change; however, any subsequent changes will be assessed a change of track fee.

Student Responsibilities

  • When students register for classes at NCNM, they incur charges on their account. Students are responsible for payment of all charges on their account by the due date, even if another party is paying the account.
  • Students experiencing financial problems in the payment of any tuition and fees are responsible for contacting the Business Office to make satisfactory arrangements.
  • Students are responsible for keeping NCNM informed of their current address and should submit address changes to the Registrar’s Office immediately upon moving.
  • Students are responsible for formally withdrawing from classes they wish to drop. Students who fail to formally drop classes during the refund period are responsible for the tuition charges. (See section on Add and Drop Policy.)
  • Any assessment or judgment against a student for damage to NCNM property, whether arising from a Student Conduct Code proceeding or a court action, shall be considered money due NCNM as if it were tuition. No transcripts or diplomas will be released to the student until the amount due the college has been paid. The Business Office may also block future registration.

NOTE: The college is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, the personal property of a student.

Tuition and Fee Refund Policies

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw, either from NCNM or from specific courses, the following policies apply:

  • The application fee, submitted with the initial application for acceptance into NCNM, is nonrefundable.
  • The acceptance deposit fee will be forfeited if the student withdraws after accepting admission, but before attending classes.
  • Calculation of tuition refunds is based on the date the student begins NCNM’s withdrawal process.
  • Tuition refunds will first be applied to balances due NCNM. If a student receiving financial aid is eligible for a refund, that refund is returned to the federal financial aid program.

Tuition refunds are calculated according to NCNM’s tuition and fee refund policy outlined below:

Week of QuarterTuition Refund Rate
First Week100% tuition
Second Week100% tuition
Second Week90% tuition (if withdrawing from school completely)
Third Week80% tuition
Fourth Week70% tuition
Fifth Week60% tuition
Sixth Week50% tuition
Beyond Sixth WeekNo refund
  • If a student receiving financial aid is eligible for a tuition refund, that refund is returned to the federal financial aid program. Any refund of tuition and fees resulting from a withdrawal or a reclassification of tuition status must be applied to the recipient’s financial aid awards before any payment is made to the student. Tuition refunds are calculated according to NCNM’s tuition and fee refund policy. Return of Federal Title IV funds is calculated according to U.S. Department of Education regulations. (See Financial Aid section for more information.)
  • Students whose accounts were paid in full often have a balance due NCNM after withdrawal. The Title IV return of funds policy operates independently of the college’s tuition refund policy. It is possible for a withdrawing student to owe NCNM money because aid must be returned to the Title IV program, but the student is not entitled to a refund of institutional charges.
  • Federal regulations for this refund policy allow the college to retain an administrative fee that reduces the institutional charges subject to refund. This fee is five percent of total charges up to a maximum of $100.
  • Federal regulations require that any student who has received a loan while attending NCNM, who leaves the college for any reason (including official leaves of absence), must participate in a loan exit interview. Exit interviews are conducted by the Financial Aid Office and can be arranged by calling that office. Students are required to bring a completed “Student Status Change” form that contains the appropriate dean’s signature for their program(s) of enrollment. Additionally, students will be required to complete an online exit counseling session at as mandated by the U.S. Department of Education. (See Financial Aid section for more information.)