2014-15 Hydro Term Assignments

Hydrotherapy Requirements for Spring Hydro Lecture Class

Guidelines for Hydrotherapy Observation Hours

Hydrotherapy Observation Syllabus

Hydrotherapy Observation Clinical Shift Record

Clinic Observation for Hydrotherapy Students

Students may begin observing clinic shifts upon successful completion of the Hydrotherapy lecture & lab and the Intro to Clinic class.

The sign-up sheet for this term’s Hydro observation shifts is now available online.

In order to access the sheet:

  • Click on the link below, and look through this term’s available shifts by scrolling from left to right.
  • When you decide on a shift, click the checkboxes next to your shift(s).
  • When you are finished, click on the grey box with red outline that says “Select your item(s) then click here to enter your name”.
  • You will then have the opportunity to put in your name and contact information, and then click “Sign me up”.

Please consider your fellow students, and make sure that you only sign up for shifts that you know you’ll be doing; this way, there will be enough shifts to go around.

If you have signed up for a shift, yet cannot attend or have decided on another shift, email Francine Green at fgreen@ncnm.edu, and she will be able to make your shift available to other students as soon as possible.

Clinic Observation for Hydro Students – Sign Up Sheet