Academic Support Services

“It is the mission of the Academic Support staff to provide excellent administrative support and coordination for NCNM faculty members, enabling them to remain focused on providing outstanding instruction in the art and science of Natural and Classical Chinese medicine.”

Attendance & Testing Information

In order to maintain educational standards, NCNM expects one hundred percent (100%) attendance at classes and clinical rotations. Students who do not attend the first day of class or the first shift of a clinical rotation without an excused absence may be dropped from that course.

Student Resources

Remote Room

The option to attend classes remotely is available to matriculated, registered students who have a documented medical reason to be excused from regularly scheduled lecture classes and to those students who have nursing infants, not yet crawling. You must get instructor approval; if the instructor is unavailable please contact the associate chair of the program. You must submit a letter from your physician stating the medical reason for remote room use or a copy of the child’s birth certificate to qualify you for use of remote room.

Please schedule your time so that you can take your midterms and finals in the classroom, not in the remote rooms. The remote room is not to be used as daycare on days you need to write exams. No one is to use the remote room without the approval of the Office of Student Life. Requests must be obtained from and submitted to the Office of Student Services and approved before using the remote room.

Remote Room Request Form