NCNM Partners Program Student Rep Opportunities

Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) is seeking a NCNM Student Representative

NFH is looking for an outgoing and motivated NCNM student entering 2nd or 3rd year to introduce and promote NFH and our exceptional line of evidence-based products to the NCNM community!

NFH is a progressive Canadian nutraceutical company devoted to the integration and application of nutraceutical science in clinical practice. NFH produces natural health product formulations of the highest quality, originally designed for use in clinical trial research and now provided for exclusive use by fully licensed health care practitioners only while not available in health food stores. The focus in our evidenced-based formulations is optimal efficacy combined with absolute patient safety, derived from raw materials of the highest quality, and backed by industry-leading quality assurance. NFH products undergo rigorous third-party testing both before and after manufacture to ensure content and freedom from contaminants, to guarantee a safe and effective final product with every bottle that leaves our facility. Our Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) and Medical Consultancy Group (MCG) members are global leaders from academic nutrition, medical and naturopathic disciplines who provide essential guidance in formulating our product line, as well as forming the backbone of the NFH educational platform. It is the commitment to our fundamental goals rooted in research and education, evidenced-based formulations, and optimal patient health that distinguishes NFH from the competition.

As a NFH student representative, you will be involved in:

  • Enthusiastically promoting NFH products to NCNM students and faculty
  • Coordinating educational and informational seminars
  • Managing the presentation of products and materials on campus through announcements, case displays and product-sampling days
  • Acting as a liaison with NCNM students, administration and faculty on campus
  • Advising the company of opportunities for timely and effective campus promotions to the students

You will:

  • Receive a monthly stipend, free samples of new products, company products at discounted rates
  • Be invited to and attend company-sponsored conferences and events
  • Gain experience in the world of evidence-based product development, promotion, and sales

Please send your resume to Leah Gillingham at by July 17, 2015. For detailed information regarding NFH and our evidence-based product line, we
welcome you to visit


Natural Partners is Seeking Dynamic NCNM Student Rep!

Natural Partners is seeking a dynamic individual whose goals align with our core values and philosophy of empowering people with knowledge and wellness to passionately help us expand our company and services within the NCNM community.

Student representative responsibilities:

  • Student representative will attend and assist at all local seminars, shows and events.
  • Promoting Natural Partners to practitioners interested in implementing our services into their practice.
  • Managing the presentation of Natural Partners materials on campus through announcements, case displays and product sampling days once per month.
  • Acquisition of new accounts from new students, through catalog distribution and facilitation of account set up.
  • Commit 20 hours per month of activities supporting Natural Partners.

Student rep compensation:

  • Student rep will be compensated up to $300 per month.
  • Additional compensation available

If interested, please send a CV and cover letter explaining how you will implement these goals at NCNM

For more information about the NCNM Student Rep position, contact Paul Phillips at 888.633.7620 ext. 110. Visit Natural Partners website at www.natural

Medical Student Representative for Medox: The artery to lasting health®

Job Description: Student with firm background in nutrition and plant nutrients wanted to market Medox, a clinically studied anthocyanin-based supplement, to the naturopathic and nutrition community of greater Portland, northern Oregon, and southern Washington. Student will educate peers, clinicians and potential consumers, and actively market Medox through table displays at NCNM and possibly at regional conferences and directly to clinics, stores, and individuals.

Product Description: Sourced from wild Scandinavian bilberries and black currants, Medox is produced through a patented nitrogen extraction process that locks out oxygen to preserve and concentrate 17 different naturally occurring anthocyanins shown to promote blood vessel health, reduce inflammation and regulate oxidation and lipids. Manufactured in Norway and sold for 14 years in Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and elsewhere, Medox is used by oncologists and shows quick benefits for eye health, strain, and sharpness, inflammatory skin conditions, blood pressure, and respiratory efficiency. Medox is safe and better researched than 99 percent of supplements on the market, having undergone several human clinical trials published in independent peer-reviewed journals.


  • Minimum 2nd year student with background and interest in nutrition, cardiovascular health, cancer, Functional Medicine, and plant nutrients/phytochemistry
  • Responsible and professional, with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Enthusiastic and outgoing
  • Background in marketing preferable
  • Willingness to commit to three hours per week


  • Market Medox at NCNM through table displays and at all NCNM events
  • Support the presence of Medox at events by exhibiting and identifying new markets
  • Learn about Medox and the published data to support its use
  • Manage customer contact and communicate promptly with home office to re-supply Medox
  • Develop strategy to manage and go beyond monthly quotas for market expansion
  • Provide monthly update email to home office


Based on individual box sales, 15–20 percent commission, with stipend and bonus to be determined after 45-day review

To apply:

Contact: Michael Altman, US importer and distributor,

Please attach a resume and brief cover letter to your email. Sending an approximately one-minute video detailing your work experience and interest in marketing Medox is a useful option before a phone or in-person interview.

Anthocyanins International, LLC: Setting the blue standard for health

Medical Student Representative for Endurance Products Co.

Job Description

Candidate will be a liaison between Endurance Products Co (EPC) and the medical school attended. Within the school the student will help answer student questions about our dietary supplements, consult with medical liaison staff for more information if needed, and represent EPC at appropriate school functions. The candidate will provide feedback to EPC aimed at identifying ways that EPC may become more involved in supporting the medical students, staff, research and school.


  • second or third year medical student with interest in cardiovascular health and functional medicine
  • available for on-site (Tigard) or offsite training for 8-10 hours during initial month of agreement
  • obtain at least two recommendations from college faculty where attending (forms supplied)
  • very responsible and professional, possessing good verbal and written communication skills


  • Establish EPC’s presence at the medical school by participating in events, exhibiting and helping identify areas where EPC could be involved.
  • Learn about EPC products and the published data which support their use.
  • Assist in research on topics which pertain to EPC products as directed by EPC medical liaison.
  • Provide a written email summary of activities and feedback at least once monthly, approximately 100-200 words.
  • Exhibit professionally appropriate attire at any school function when representing EPC.

To apply: contact Tim Polacek,

Time Required: 8-10 hours/month

Compensation: $300/month


Student Representative Overview

You will be responsible for an increase in student seminar attendance, and revenue growth at NCNM by introducing our product line to students. As a student representative, you will be promoting Apex seminars and products in-person at the NCNM.


You will be responsible for seminar and sales growth at NCNM by introducing students, and practitioners to our world class education, and product line. As a student representative, you will take initiative to introduce and register new students, as well as past student attendees to Apex seminars.


Team up with a top company with an unequaled product line. You will receive ongoing support from Becca Morrow, as well as with other NCNM events where Apex has a presence, including training, a system to follow, marketing support, and assistance from an outstanding customer service team.


  • Refer/register a minimum of 5-10 new students for each seminar
  • Increase new business growth; seminar attendance and product purchases with NCNM.
  • Responsible for prospecting and referring new students monthly
  • Attend all local seminars, and assist by greeting practitioners, making Clearvite shakes, sharing your personal testimony, and answering basic questions.
  • Responsible for display tables at all NCNM events such as Health Biz Expo’s, etc.


  • Enrolled at NCNM and be in your third year.
  • Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in sales environment, with nutritional products helpful.
  • Experience in an activity-based “proactive” sales environment.
  • Consistently meet or exceed quota for new business.
  • Ability to be successful in an environment of continuous improvements and stretch targets.
  • Ability to sell to and manage customer relationships with students and practitioners with the highest level of professionalism.

For more information and to apply for this position contact: Becca Morrow,

Kirkman Oregon, Inc.

NCNM Student Representative
Monthly Salary:  $400 Plus Commission on Sales

KIRKMAN® is the oldest and one of the leading manufacturers of nutritional supplements for individuals with food allergies, special dietary requirements and environmental sensitivities.


  • The student representative must be in contact by Google Drive (written contact is necessary for our records) by the 4th of every month, giving a description of your ideas for that month based on the school’s events and calendar, along with any other information that may have been requested by supervisor.
  • Calendar Events:  Provide information regarding upcoming school functions, vendor days, graduation dates, or any items of interest from alumni and the medical community.
  • Student reps are to be responsible for keeping KOI up-to-date on various marketing opportunities at the campus, including but not limited to:
    • Setting up and staffing vendor fairs, product fairs and other events on campus
    • Keep KOI Professional catalogs stocked at all times and distribute new product announcements to students when available
    • Campus demos when appropriate
    • Provide answers to questions regarding product, take orders and distribute orders, within a timely and orderly manner (24 hours)
    • Inform KOI of any Grand Round, Brown Bag Lunch, or other opportunities for KOI to provide a speaker on or near campus
    • Knowledgeable on products presented at events
  • Know what products are currently being used in the Medicinary and be able to recommend additional products for use, provide guideline as to requirements of your school in order to introduce more products to your Medicinary
  • Provide scheduling of events and dates of functions with at least four weeks’ notice so that supplies can be sent accordingly.
  • Provide a list of all graduating students, including ND, DC, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and distribute graduation packets as per your school guidelines.
  • Write half-page every two months to be inserted in our newsletter about what is going on at your college, research being conducted, clinical observations (what outside physicians would be interested in that have graduation from your college).
  • If you miss more than two weeks of school consecutively, due to vacation, traveling, etc. this will be considered a non-paid month and your absent days must be submitted to KOI by e-mail.
  • Acting as a liaison with key students, administration and faculty on campus.
  • Build a professional network through customer interactions and support.
  • Student reps are a direct representative of Kirkman Oregon, Inc. and should act as a professional liaison between KOI and the students and faculty of NCNM.
  • KOI may ask for assistance at medical conferences that are at or near to the student rep’s home.  All expenses will be reimbursed, but there is no additional compensation
  • Student reps will be required to place orders with their student rep supervisor via e-mail or phone
  • Communicate in person on a regular basis and build relationships with Medicinary manager(s) and residents at university clinic(s) to help increase sales and new product awareness.  Provide them with new product information, free samples, etc. to help ensure that KOI is being adequately represented and utilized

Please send resume to :

WishGarden Student Rep: Job Description

Be part of a fun team that has a deep passion for herbal healing while furthering your herbal studies!!!


  1. To gain awareness, trial, and usage of WishGarden products among future practitioners.
  2. To build trust for the WishGarden brand.
  3. To make it easy for new doctors and midwives to include WishGarden products in their dispensary.
  4. To make WishGarden sales on campus.

Job Qualifications:

  1. Experience with and interest in Western herbs
  2. Passion and excitement for using herbs as a healing modality
  3. Preference for previous marketing or sales experience, comfortable with sales
  4. Preference for an herbal or botany background
  5. Preference for midwifery or pregnancy experience
  6. Outgoing, warm, caring, and friendly
  7. Able to set own goals and schedule with minimal supervision (self-motivated)
  8. Preference for a student with two or more years remaining at NCNM

Job Responsibilities:

  • Monthly tabling of WishGarden Products
    • Product sampling
    • Distribution of WG education materials
    • Creating excitement and familiarity with WG products
  • Creating monthly themes and advertisement on campus, often in conjunction with tabling
  • Participation/tabling in campus or community activities/conferences, a minimum of 1 per quarter
  • Offering seminars or talks sponsored by WishGarden: minimum of 1 per school year
  • Sales of products directly to students at whole sale cost
  • Making quarterly and yearly goals for additional school projects to that support wide-spread familiarity and excitement about WG products  (i.e. products into the dispensary, products into the botanical medicine lab, products into the bookstore, etc)
  • Provide written monthly activity reports to supervisor.

Values to Embody:

  • To consistently communicate the following commitments of WishGarden:
    • Providing the highest quality, most elegantly formulated, most effective products possible.
    • Educating people about the use and efficacy of herbs in healing and health.
    • Growing our business in an ecologically and ethically sustainable manner that benefits everyone involved.
  • To build the image of WishGarden as a company that:
    • Makes effective, whole herb formulas from organic and locally sourced botanicals, in an ecologically sustainable manner
    • Has been making hand-crafted herbs for more than 30 years in Colorado
    • Has wide range of ready-made formulated tinctures which makes them easy to stock and dispense to patients (no need to stock individual tinctures);
    • Has an entire line of remedies specific for children, pregnant women and mothers.
    • Is user friendly and approachable for patients
    • Is very effective at giving immediate symptom relief when used correctly
    • Remedies are often tasty and palatable

Email with a resume to apply!