NCNM Partners Program Student Rep Opportunities

Employment Opportunity – Vita Aid Student Representative

Vita Aid is seeking a highly motivated and outgoing NCNM student to represent our company to the school and student body.

An excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge of natural health products, works with established Naturopathic Doctors, and earns some extra income during your studies!

The position would involve the selected candidate to:

  • familiarize yourself with the Vita Aid line of products
  • be the spokesperson for Vita Aid within the NCNM community
  • creatively market Vita Aid products and manage student orders
  • attend selected conferences and events (i.e. NWNPC, NCNM CE Conferences, etc)

Vita Aid is a Canadian company with a passion for developing unique and innovative products for licensed healthcare practitioners. We have a full range of natural health products, as well as a line of high quality Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas. For more information please visit

Compensation for the position includes an hourly wage plus commission to be discussed.

If you are interested, please email your resume to

Look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Tomah Phillips BSc, ND, Technical Sales Manager
Vita Aid Professional Nutrition
Office: 604.465.1688,

NUSKIN/PHARMANEX  is seeking an NCNM Student Representative

NUSKIN/PHARMANEX is global leader in antiaging technology and products-Pharmanex – A nutritional brand division of  Nuskin Enterprises

Contact:  Melinda Russell – Executive Distributor; 503.710.0560

Job Description:

Student representative needed to host monthly table at NCNM, provide samples of product, literature, and provide biophotonic scanning for a reduced student rate to faculty and students. Must be interested in antioxidant health, innovative products, and be willing to train on operation of the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner, the only non-invasive device that accurately measures carotenoid absorption in the tissue.  Carotenoids are key antioxidants which protect our immune health and reduce the effects of aging in the body.

  • Must provide proof of identity
  • Must sign a contract of responsibility  to operate the device within safety regulations and per instructions
  • Must be willing to table on the dates provided – however times are negotiable according to student schedule
  • Must be willing to use and sample products being represented for 7-30 days depending on product and give testimonial


  • Free training and free scans on award winning technology Pharmanex Biophotonic S3 Scanner – only device in the world that measures non-invasively, the absorption of carotenoids in 30 seconds – a great indicator of nutritional status and free radical damage protection in the body
  • $10.00 per hour table time
  • Free monthly samples of products in all categories – skincare, nutrition, ethnobotanical
  • Wholesale price on products
  • Option for sales commission

Thorne Research is seeking a NCNM Student Representative

We have an opening for a motivated individual to represent Thorne Research on campus. The Thorne Research student rep is responsible for:

  • educating students about Thorne Research products
  • supporting the Thorne Research Medical Affairs staff in obtaining scientific papers from local and online medical libraries
  • taking product orders


Current second- or third-year student (will graduate spring 2017–2018)

Interested Individuals:

E-mail your CV and cover letter to:

Mario Roxas, ND, Director, Research and Development Thorne Research,

Deadline for Applications: Friday, September 25, 2015 | 800.228.1966

Nasopure is seeking a NCNM Student Representative

Nasal irrigation is the first line of defense against sinus and upper respiratory infection and has been used for centuries. If you interested in Nature Cure, then consider becoming a Student Representative!

  • Table three hours per month in the NCNM Academic Building
    • consistent presence to allow for sales and establish brand recognition
  • Table at NCNM Continuing Education Events:
    • Two conferences (Saturday and Sunday commitment)
    • TOP Career Fair (Saturday only)
  • NCNM Kiosk: Maintain display case with documents, product & contact information.
  • Set-up & Tear-Down Display Case in the Academic Building – one month/yr.
  • Set-up & Tear-Down Clinic Medicinary Display Shelf- one month/yr. year
  • Find and submit articles on occasion, for bi-weekly newsletter, The Partners Connection
  • Hang flyers on NCNM campus, when appropriate.
  • Post Nasopure flyer on locker throughout the year.
  • Portland professional community outreach, if hours allow:
    •  contact ENT doctors, Pediatricians, ND offices
  • Whole Foods, New Seasons, local co-op outreach


  • Approximately eight hours per month which includes company training and research. $300 per month with an agreement to consider commission based compensation once product sale patterns have been established at the NCNM community.


Marcus Solomon, Director of Sales & Operations, BeWell Health, LLC
1000 Pannell St., Suite D, Columbia, MO 65201
Mobile 573.489.2224,


Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) is seeking a NCNM Student Representative

NFH is looking for an outgoing and motivated NCNM student entering 2nd or 3rd year to introduce and promote NFH and our exceptional line of evidence-based products to the NCNM community!

NFH is a progressive Canadian nutraceutical company devoted to the integration and application of nutraceutical science in clinical practice. NFH produces natural health product formulations of the highest quality, originally designed for use in clinical trial research and now provided for exclusive use by fully licensed health care practitioners only while not available in health food stores. The focus in our evidenced-based formulations is optimal efficacy combined with absolute patient safety, derived from raw materials of the highest quality, and backed by industry-leading quality assurance. NFH products undergo rigorous third-party testing both before and after manufacture to ensure content and freedom from contaminants, to guarantee a safe and effective final product with every bottle that leaves our facility. Our Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) and Medical Consultancy Group (MCG) members are global leaders from academic nutrition, medical and naturopathic disciplines who provide essential guidance in formulating our product line, as well as forming the backbone of the NFH educational platform. It is the commitment to our fundamental goals rooted in research and education, evidenced-based formulations, and optimal patient health that distinguishes NFH from the competition.

As a NFH student representative, you will be involved in:

  • Enthusiastically promoting NFH products to NCNM students and faculty
  • Coordinating educational and informational seminars
  • Managing the presentation of products and materials on campus through announcements, case displays and product-sampling days
  • Acting as a liaison with NCNM students, administration and faculty on campus
  • Advising the company of opportunities for timely and effective campus promotions to the students

You will:

  • Receive a monthly stipend, free samples of new products, company products at discounted rates
  • Be invited to and attend company-sponsored conferences and events
  • Gain experience in the world of evidence-based product development, promotion, and sales

Please send your resume to Leah Gillingham at by July 17, 2015. For detailed information regarding NFH and our evidence-based product line, we
welcome you to visit

Medical Student Representative for Medox: The artery to lasting health®

Job Description: Student with firm background in nutrition and plant nutrients wanted to market Medox, a clinically studied anthocyanin-based supplement, to the naturopathic and nutrition community of greater Portland, northern Oregon, and southern Washington. Student will educate peers, clinicians and potential consumers, and actively market Medox through table displays at NCNM and possibly at regional conferences and directly to clinics, stores, and individuals.

Product Description: Sourced from wild Scandinavian bilberries and black currants, Medox is produced through a patented nitrogen extraction process that locks out oxygen to preserve and concentrate 17 different naturally occurring anthocyanins shown to promote blood vessel health, reduce inflammation and regulate oxidation and lipids. Manufactured in Norway and sold for 14 years in Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and elsewhere, Medox is used by oncologists and shows quick benefits for eye health, strain, and sharpness, inflammatory skin conditions, blood pressure, and respiratory efficiency. Medox is safe and better researched than 99 percent of supplements on the market, having undergone several human clinical trials published in independent peer-reviewed journals.


  • Minimum 2nd year student with background and interest in nutrition, cardiovascular health, cancer, Functional Medicine, and plant nutrients/phytochemistry
  • Responsible and professional, with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Enthusiastic and outgoing
  • Background in marketing preferable
  • Willingness to commit to three hours per week


  • Market Medox at NCNM through table displays and at all NCNM events
  • Support the presence of Medox at events by exhibiting and identifying new markets
  • Learn about Medox and the published data to support its use
  • Manage customer contact and communicate promptly with home office to re-supply Medox
  • Develop strategy to manage and go beyond monthly quotas for market expansion
  • Provide monthly update email to home office


Based on individual box sales, 15–20 percent commission, with stipend and bonus to be determined after 45-day review

To apply:

Contact: Michael Altman, US importer and distributor,

Please attach a resume and brief cover letter to your email. Sending an approximately one-minute video detailing your work experience and interest in marketing Medox is a useful option before a phone or in-person interview.

Anthocyanins International, LLC: Setting the blue standard for health

Medical Student Representative for Endurance Products Co.

Job Description

Candidate will be a liaison between Endurance Products Co (EPC) and the medical school attended. Within the school the student will help answer student questions about our dietary supplements, consult with medical liaison staff for more information if needed, and represent EPC at appropriate school functions. The candidate will provide feedback to EPC aimed at identifying ways that EPC may become more involved in supporting the medical students, staff, research and school.


  • second or third year medical student with interest in cardiovascular health and functional medicine
  • available for on-site (Tigard) or offsite training for 8-10 hours during initial month of agreement
  • obtain at least two recommendations from college faculty where attending (forms supplied)
  • very responsible and professional, possessing good verbal and written communication skills


  • Establish EPC’s presence at the medical school by participating in events, exhibiting and helping identify areas where EPC could be involved.
  • Learn about EPC products and the published data which support their use.
  • Assist in research on topics which pertain to EPC products as directed by EPC medical liaison.
  • Provide a written email summary of activities and feedback at least once monthly, approximately 100-200 words.
  • Exhibit professionally appropriate attire at any school function when representing EPC.

To apply: contact Tim Polacek,

Time Required: 8-10 hours/month

Compensation: $300/month