Health & Safety

NCNM is committed to providing a healthy learning and work environment for its students, staff, and faculty. NCNM offers many resources and health services for students, including:

Student Health Insurance
NCNM Clinical Health Benefit Plan
TB and Hep B Testing
Professional and Peer Counseling
Sexual Assault Prevention


NCNM also has an on campus Crisis And REsponse Team (CARE). The purpose of the NCNM Crisis Assessment and REsponse Team (CARE Team) is to help create, educate, promote, and maintain a healthy and safe educational and work environment for all students, staff and faculty. The CARE Team is a trained group of staff and administrators who receive and assess reports on students who are displaying varied levels of disruptive, dangerous or distressed behavior; using established criteria, within the NCNM community.

The CARE Team works within NCNM and with outside community resources to provide the services needed for a student in need. All reports are handled as confidential. The CARE Team adheres to all FERPA and HIPAA regulations, as well as counselor confidentiality. Questions or concerns regarding the CARE Team should be directed to the dean of students.


Dave McAllister
Facilities Supervisor
Room 210

NCNM Clinic
Check appointment times on the NCNM Clinic website
Call to schedule 503.552.1551

NCNM Community Clinics
NCNM offers low-cost naturopathic and Chinese medicine health care to low income and underserved people in our community at a several clinics in the Metro area.
Find a clinic in your area.
For appointments and inquiries call 503.552.1515